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Top 4 Benefits of Coolant Recycling Systems

June 10th, 2020

The way you manage your facility’s industrial fluids has a significant impact on your bottom line. Rising costs associated with fluid purchases, waste disposal, maintenance, raw materials, workplace safety and environmental regulations are all key concerns.

In today’s competitive and regulated environment, you need a smart approach to increase efficiency, reduce costs, mitigate risks and protect your investments. For many metalworking shops, that means using SmartSkim coolant recycling solutions to create operational efficiencies. Here are four ways metalworking shops are using SmartSkim’s coolant recycling systems to improve their management of industrial fluids.

Reduces Purchase Costs

Liquid coolant is an essential part of every CNC shop. But when you have a lot of machines running, coolant costs can start to add up. Specialized coolant recycling systems can separate residue from your coolant and filter it so it lasts significantly longer. This reduces new fluid purchase costs by 45-75%. It also mitigates the impact of continually rising coolant and cleaner prices on your bottom line.

Reduces Disposal Costs

Once you use your coolant, you’ll have to dispose of it. And while waste coolant disposal providers can mitigate your costs, you can use recycling equipment to reduce disposal costs even further. Most users are able to reduce their fluid disposal costs by 50-90%. This also mitigate the impact of increasing disposal costs.

Extends Tool Life

The quality and filtration of coolant has a significant impact on your shop tools. Studies demonstrate that tramp oil concentration of just 3.9% results in an 18% reduction in tool life. Studies show that with an effective coolant recycling system you can increase tool life of up to 209%.

Increases Labor Savings

Managing and recycling your waste coolant is resource intensive without the right system in place. One way to save time and cut down on labor costs associated with coolant recycling is to use recycling systems that streamline the management of waste coolant. Machines with components such as dual component processing tanks can reduce time spent “pumping and dumping” washers.

And when your coolant is better maintained, it mitigates it’s impact on machine and sump build up. This reduces the time required to clean out a machine tool sump from several hours to 15 to 20 minutes.


Coolant recycling systems provide a host of benefits to metalworking shops. But there are a host of other benefits you probably never considered. If you’re looking to reduce costs and create operational efficiencies in your shop, it might be time to get a few quotes.

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