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About Krevitz

Krevitz is the premier provider of industrial waste management and scrap solutions in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New York and New Jersey.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients develop and deploy innovative solutions to their waste issues. More than that, however, we believe in doing business honestly and ethically, treating our clients how we want to be treated. Our values are exactly what you'd expect from a fifth-generation, family-owned and operated business.

We trade in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including stainless steel and nickel alloys, aluminum, copper and brass. Additionally, we assist our clients with their machine coolant needs, including waste coolant disposal and coolant maintenance. We are the region's premier distributor of Blaser Swisslube coolant and lubrication products.

We are headquartered in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, and serve roughly a 75-mile radius around Philadelphia. That puts us in range of Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, Camden, Princeton, Trenton and more.

Manufacturers Only

Unlike many scrap metal and recycling firms, Krevitz only serves industrial clients. That unique expertise and focus allows us to provide a full suite of value-added solutions in addition to prompt scrap pickup and payment. We help every client achieve their goals in:

  • Minimizing handling costs
  • Workplace safety and OSHA compliance
  • Environmental concerns
  • Floorspace maximization

Meeting All Your Scrap & Waste Needs

We handle all your scrap and waste management needs. We help deploy custom solutions for chips, solids and stampings, and expertly dispose of your waste coolant. We service roll-off containers of all sizes. We can back van trailers directly to your dock. We can provide straight job trucks with lift gates.

Whatever your pain points, Krevitz can help make them go away.