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How to Dispose of Scrap Metal Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

April 20th, 2020

Despite nationwide business shutdowns, manufacturers are still open. But many shops are running into issues getting their scrap out while maintaining social distancing. Here’s a contactless way to dispose of your scrap while following social distancing protocols.

There are many ways to handle scrap. And over the years, we’ve tested several in an effort to find the safest, most efficient way of doing it. This led us to the method we use today – which also happens to be a contactless way to haul scrap. In recent months, this method has proven effective in helping shops keep up during the coronavirus pandemic.

Following these three steps will help reduce the number of surfaces your employees come into contact with, protecting them and keeping the shop running.

Use Containers to Reduce Handling 

Scrap containers are an effective way to limit the handling of scrap within the shop. Every piece of scrap your machines generate is one more surface that could spread COVID-19. Containing all of the scrap in one centralized location reduces the number of surfaces that could transmit the virus. This means you only have to worry about safely handling the containers. This is much better than having staff risking exposure while carrying around scrap inside and outside the shop.

Set Up a Direct Feed from the Machine

The next step is to set up a direct feed from your machines to the containers. This allows the machine to send the scrap directly into the container. When you do it this way, no person will ever come into contact with the scrap itself. And the fewer points of contact you have in the recycling chain, the safer your shop will be. As an added benefit, this method means you can still be efficient during a time where you’re short staffed.

Put Your Containers Outside for Pickup

Once your containers are full, you’ll need someone to haul them. However, you can’t just let anyone into your facility. This undermines social distancing protocols and puts your workers at risk.

There are two ways to get around this.

The first, and most ideal option, is to use a trailer. Some recyclers will provide their clients trailers with each batch of containers. With this system, you can safely load containers into the trailer. And when the trailer is full, the recycler hauls it away.

This method is ideal because it involves zero contact. The service provider removes your scrap without ever interacting with your facility or team.

If use of a trailer isn’t possible, you can also maintain social distancing while handling the containers. You can set up quarantined areas outside the plant for the scrap containers. Once you’re ready, the provider pulls up their truck. Your team then live loads the containers into the truck. This way, the drivers have no contact with your team or any of the surfaces.


We designed this scrap hauling method for the efficiencies it provides manufacturers. But, as it turns out, it’s also well-suited for safely handling scrap metals during the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re having trouble getting scrap out of your shop, this method should help.

Need someone to haul your scrap while following social distancing protocols? We can help.