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Leading SmartSkim Distributor

Krevitz is Pennsylvania's leading distributor of SmartSkim oil separation and coolant recycling systems.

SmartSkim coolant recycling solutions are designed to reduce costs and create operational efficiencies for metalworking shops. We specialize in helping our clients identify and procure the precise SmartSkim product for their unique needs.

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SmartSkim Recycling Systems

Oil Water Separators

Oil Water Separators

SmartSkim Separator Systems set the industry standard for skimming and separating floating oil and solids from industrial fluids. It is a simple, trouble-free solution for removing free floating and mechanically dispersed tramp oils from wash tanks, individual machine coolant sumps and many other manufacturing process fluids.

  • Decrease tramp oils to less than 1% in a single pass.
  • Reduce new fluid purchase costs up to 75% by extending the life of those fluids
  • Cut waste volumes by 50% - 90%

SmartSkim Oil Water Separators are available in three lines:

  • CrossFlow Separator
  • V3 Separator
  • 5 Separator

Coolant Recycling Systems

Recycling Systems

SmartSkim Coolant Recycling Systems are highly reliable fluid treatment systems designed for easy installation and maintenance. They help you separate contaminated floating oils and solids from your valuable machining coolants.

  • Reduce your cost of new coolant concentrate purchases by 30% to 75%
  • Cut dirty coolant disposal costs by 50% to 90%
  • Eliminate environmental risks and the liability of off-site disposal
  • Improve tool life and product quality

SmartSkim Coolant Recycling Systems are available in two lines:

Magnetic Separators
  • CoolantLoop
  • Sump Caddy

Magnetic Separators

SmartSkim Magnetic Separators eliminate the use of filter consumables, are easy to implement, simple to operate and require minimal maintenance. They help you filter ferrous fines produced by machining, honing, boring, grinding, broaching, roll forming, pipe & tube forming, heat treating, and other operations.

Floating Suction Skimmers

Floating Suction Skimmers

The SmartSkim Suction Skimmer is the most efficient and durable device available for skimming and removing floating oil and contaminants from industrial process fluids. Set the exact depth of skim you need and fine tune it to accommodate aggressive surface skimming or to get underneath a foam layer to remove the floating oil.

Sump Cleaner

Sump Cleaner

The SmartSkim Sump Cleaner reduces the amount of labor required to effectively clean your sumps. Eliminate buildup of swarf and scum on the bottom of your sumps. Once dirty coolant is in the Sump Cleaner, it can be easily and safely transported to the coolant recycling center. No more potential spills of dirty coolant in your shop.

Skimming Centers

For some washing and coolant applications, it is more effective to skim and separate floating oils outside the washer or coolant tank where the fluids are continuously turbulent.

Skimming Centers

The SmartSkim Skimming Center solves a full range of treatment problems when dealing with wash and coolant solutions.

These multi-patented, non-clog skimmers and separators need minimal maintenance, use no consumables and are built to last a lifetime.

Swarf Monster

The SmartSkim Swarf Monster removes ferrous and non-ferrous fines as well as non-metallic particulates from industrial fluids. Applications include the following:

Swarf Monster
  • Cutting oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Cold heading lubricants
  • Press/stamping lubricants
  • Quench oils
  • Water soluble coolants
  • Pressure testing fluids
  • Rust preventative fluids
  • Parts washer fluids

The Swarf Monster provides the following benefits:

  • Extend fluid life
  • Improve parts quality
  • Increase tool and die life
  • Minimize pump and servo valve maintenance
  • Reduce tool breakage
  • Prevent bacteria growth
  • Improve equipment reliability