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Waste Coolant Disposal

Waste coolant disposal is a significant pain point for many machine shops and fabricators.

Waste coolant is an environmental hazard, and facility owners are responsible for it from cradle to grave. You can't leave it in your facility, where it presents safety risks and takes up valuable floorspace. But you also can't trust just anyone to haul it for you.

That's why forward-thinking machine shop and fabricators in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New York and New Jersey are calling Krevitz for their waste coolant disposal needs. We're coolant experts, and we've invested heavily in building a next-generation coolant disposal system.

We understand the environmental and regulatory risks that go along with waste coolant, and we've taken steps to mitigate them. When you use Krevitz, you can trust that your waste coolant is being handled responsibly and completely within the confines of the law.

The best part? Coolant is a core part of our business, not an afterthought. That focus means we can usually beat competitors' prices by a sound margin.

If you need to dispose of waste coolant, you can't afford not to talk to Krevitz. Fill out the form on this page to start the conversation today.

Custom Fluid Maintenance Programs

Based on Shop Evaluations

  • Coolant Evaluation
  • Sump Out and Recharge Coolant
  • Supply Coolant and Additives (Customer option)
  • Treat Coolant Mechanically and Chemically
  • Machine Cleaning

On-site Fluid Audits

  • Coolant Applications
  • Coolant Maintenance / Recycling Equipment
  • Coolant Maintenance Processes and Procedures
  • Cost Savings Analysis
  • Presentation of Evaluation and Recommendations


  • Fluid Maintenance Training
  • Develop and Implement Fluid Maintenance Programs
  • Equipment Recommendations