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Blaser Swisslube

Your favorite Blaser Swisslube products, now available online!

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Krevitz is Pennsylvania's leading distributor of Blaser Swisslube coolants, cutting oils, grinding oils and micro emulsions.

Blaser Swisslube Liquid Tool solutions are designed to save metalworking shops time and money, while increasing operational efficiency. We specialize in helping our clients identify and procure the precise Blaser Swisslube product for their unique needs.

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Blaser Swisslube Liquid Tool


Liquid Tool is Blaser Swisslube's premium line of water-miscible coolants, minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) fluids, cutting oils, grinding oils and technical equipment.

Liquid Tool is more than metalworking coolant. The line combines state-of-the-art products with consulting know-how, and laboratory and training services.

Best of all, when you work with Krevitz to deploy Blaser Swisslube Liquid Tool solutions in your shop, you have an experienced local contact to help you make the most of your investment.


Liquid Tool Cutting Oils

Blasomill Mineral Oil-Based Cutting Oils

Mineral oil-based cutting oils

Blasomill cutting oils provide superior productivity, tool life, cycle time, part quality and safety in the most demanding applications. Blasomill oils were specially developed for machining stainless, high-alloy steel, titanium and nonferrous metals.

Blasomill cutting oils are suitable for high-speed machines. Polar, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives reduce friction, allowing for superior cycle times and extended tool life.

Blasomill products are available in six categories:

  • Blasomill
  • Blasomill CSF (free of HP additives)
  • Blasomill DM (medium proportion of HP and wear protection additives, chlorine-free)
  • Blasomill HD (high proportion of HP and wear protection additives)
  • Blasomill HD CF (high proportion of HP and wear protection additives, chlorine free)
  • Blasomill GT (gas to liquid)


Vascomill Ester-Based Cutting Oils

Vascomill ester-based cutting oils
Ester-based cutting oils

Based on vegetable esters, Vascomill cutting fluids outperform chlorinated and chlorine-free mineral oil-based cutting oils in many applications. Ester-based cutting oils can reduce risk of fire vs. mineral oil-based products, reduce drag out and do not irritate skin.

Vascomill products are available in six categories:

  • Vascomill
  • Vascomill CSF (free of HP additives)
  • Vascomill DM (medium proportion of HP and wear protection additives, chlorine-free)
  • Vascomill HD (high proportion of HP and wear protection additives)


Vascomill MMS

Based on renewable resources like synthetic esters or fatty alcohols, Vascomill MMS cutting fluids provide exceptional performance in minimum lubrication applications.


Liquid Tool Grinding Oils

Blasogrind Grinding Oil

Premium grinding oil

Blasogrind grinding oils let you increase feed rates by balancing lubrication and self-sharpening. Blasogrind low-viscosity oils are low misting with a high flashpoint, and excellent machine compatibility.

Blasogrind grinding oils are available in three base formulations:

  • Blasogrind (mineral oil base)
  • Blasogrind HC (hydrocrack grade)
  • Blasogrind PAO (polyalphaolefin base)


Water-Miscible Coolants

Blasocut (Mineral Oil-Based Coolant)

Mineral oil-based coolant

Free of bactericide and boron, Blasocut delivers superior performance in nearly all machining operations thanks to Blaser Swisslube additive technology.

  • All versions available with or without chlorinated additives.
  • Universal for machining and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • Well suited for heavy duty and difficult operations such as deep hole drilling, broaching, reaming, creep-feed grinding and high-speed machining.



Vasco (Ester-Based Coolant)

Ester-based coolant

Vasco delivers outstanding performance thanks to its natural oil molecule polarity. It is resistant to high pressures and temperatures, making it ideal for high-tensile and tough steels, and titanium.

  • Suitable for all ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Ideally suited for the most demanding machining and grinding applications


Grindex (Oil-Free Grinding Fluid)

Oil-free grinding fluid

Grindex is a premium synthetic, oil-free grinding fluid. Its good rinsing behavior keeps grinding wheels and machines clean.

Grindex delivers efficient corrosion protection even at low concentrations.


B-Cool (Mineral Oil-Based Cutting Fluid)



B-Cool is an exceptionally stable coolant designed to maximize sump life in both centralized systems and standalone machines. It delivers exceptionally clean fluids with low top-up rates.

B-Cool is formulated for superior cutting performance in all materials and operations. It is suitable for all water conditions.